How to Get to Park Guell: By Metro, Bus or Car

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Park Guell is located in La Salut, a charming neighborhood in Barcelona’s Gràcia district.

It is situated on Carmel Hill, which is part of the Collserola mountain range. The park’s address is Carrer d’Olot, 7, 08024 Barcelona, España.

The easiest, most convenient and most cost-effective way to reach the park is by bus H6 or D40.

Alternatively, you can also take the Green Line (L3) metro or taxi to get there.

With easy connectivity and well-functioning public transportation in the city, getting to Park Guell can be an easy task.

However, getting to Park Güell might be easier said than done for first-time visitors. But don’t worry—our comprehensive guide has all the necessary information.

This handy guide will answer all your questions about how to get to Park Güell using different means of transport from various parts of the city.

Let’s get started by knowing the exact location!

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Where is Park Guell located?

Park Guell address: Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Closest Landmark: Casa Vicens (1.7km)

Nearby neighborhoods: El Coll, La Salut, Vallcarca i els Penitents, El Carmel, and Can Baró.

How to Get to Park Guell by Bus


Time: 15–20 minutes
Closest Stop: Carretera del Carmel-Park Güell
Closest Park Guell Entrance: Avinguda del Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya
Best For: Budget-friendly travelers

To reach Park Guell by bus, you can take Bus H6 or D40, which will take you to the Travessera de Dalt bus stop.

From the bus stop, you can conveniently reach the castle following a short 10-minute walk to cover a distance of 600 m.

You can start by heading northeast on Trav. de Dalt toward C/ de Mossèn Batlle

After walking a while, take a left turn onto Av. del Santuari de St. Josep and continue.

You can follow the directions to Park Guell’s entrance, located on Av. del Santuari de

St. Josep de la Muntanya, with an automatic stair system. GET DIRECTIONS

Alternatively, you can take bus lines 24 and 92 to reach the park. 

Both buses stop at the Carretera del Carmel-Park Güell, which is located right across its main entrance.

If you are on a budget-friendly trip to the city, taking a bus can be the best option.

Want to visit Park Guell and many other famous Barcelona attractions without worrying about transportation?

You can take the famous Barcelona City Hop on and Hop off tour, which stops at the famous Barcelona attractions, including the Park Guell.

It is a convenient and budget-friendly way to explore the city, which is also very popular among its visitors. 

How to Get to Park Guell by Metro


Time: 20 minutes
Nearest Stations: Lesseps and Vallcarca
Closest Entrance: Avinguda del Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya
Best For: Avoiding traffic

To get to Park Güell by metro, just hop on the green line (L3).

You can get off at Lesseps or Vallcarca stations, which are about a kilometer from the park. However, Lesseps is the closer of the two.

Once you get off, you can take a bus, a quick taxi or a short walk to reach the park.

Bus Nos. 24, 116, D40 and H6 run every 5–10 minutes from both stops.

If you plan to walk, the walk from either of the two stations to the park will take nearly 20 minutes or more, depending on your speed.

To walk from Lesseps station:

  • You can start by heading northeast on Pl. de Lesseps
  • Then, take the next two lefts and a right onto the same route.
  • Take a slight right onto Trav. de Dalt.
  • Turn left onto Av. del Santuari de St. Josep de la Muntanya.
  • After a short distance, make a right onto Ptge. De Mercedes.

Finally, take a left again onto Av. del Santuari de St. Josep de la Muntanya, and you will reach your destination. GET DIRECTIONS

If you stop at Vallcarca station, you must take an escalator on Baixada de la Glòria to reach the Park Guell Entrance.

No matter your chosen station, the entrance closest to the park is Avinguda del Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

Taking the metro can be a good option if you want to avoid traffic. However, you must still take a short walk or a taxi to reach the park.

Kindly note that it’s an uphill walk from both stops, so it may not be recommended for individuals with mobility challenges or those who prefer less strenuous routes.

How to Get to Park Guell by Taxi

Taxi services are readily available in Barcelona. If you have heavy luggage or are on a family trip, you can take a taxi to reach the park comfortably.

The taxi fares are standardized, and extra fees may be charged based on the number of people and pieces of luggage.

If you take a taxi, you can stop at any of the two nearby stands, Ambla de Mercedes or Carretera del Carmel.

To reach the park, you can take the Carretera del Carmel entrance or any other, depending on which route you choose.

How to Get to Park Guell by Car


To reach Park Güell by car, take the C-58 and take exit 23B, which leads to Park Güell/Carrer d’Olot.

However, it’s essential to note that driving may not be the most convenient option for getting to Park Guell due to heavy traffic and limited parking availability.

Finding parking spaces near the park can be challenging, especially as most are located in green areas reserved exclusively for residents.

If you opt for a car, the nearest available facility is the BSM Travessera de Dalt – Park Güell car park.

To secure a spot, booking in advance is highly recommended. 

How to Get to Park Guell by Walk

If you’re not in a rush and want to explore the beautiful city, you can walk to Park Guell.

Park Güell is easily accessible from many nearby neighborhoods like Gracia, Can Baró, or El Carmel, and due to its popularity, it’s easy to find the route to reach it.

To reach the park from Gracia, you can follow Carrer de Gran de Gracia, going uphill until you reach Carrer de Larrard.

Then, take a right and simply follow the signs leading you to Park Güell. The complete walk will take around 20–25 minutes. GET DIRECTIONS

If you’re starting from El Carmel, you can opt for the escalators to Carrer de Massens, then continue along Carrer del Taquigraf Garriga until you arrive at the park entrance. 

Similarly, you can go from other nearby neighborhoods to the park by following the directions provided on the way.

Getting to Park Guell From Other Nearby Landmarks

How to Get to Park Guell from Sagrada Familia

How to reach: Bus No. H6
Time taken: 30 minutes

You can grab a bus to get from Sagrada Familia to Park Guell. H6 at Mallorca – Marina and get off at the Park Güell stop.

After getting off, you must take a short walk to the park.

How to get to Park Guell from Plaza Catalunya

How to reach: Bus No. 24
Time taken: 30-35 minutes

To reach Plaza Catalunya (Plaça de Catalunya) from Park Guell, hop on Bus No. 24.

The bus departs every 5–10 minutes from the nearby stop, Pl Catalunya – Rambla Catalunya.

It will drop you off at the Carretera del Carmel stop. From there, you can reach the park’s entrance following a short 200-meter walk.


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