Best Things to See Inside Park Guell: Your Guide to the Top Attractions

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Intended to be built as a posh countryside residential area for the high-profile community of Barcelona, Park Guell’s fate took a different turn after the passing of its owner, Eusebi Güell.

Renowned for its stunning and unique architecture, the park quickly gained popularity upon opening its doors to the public.

Today, Park Guell is a must-visit top-rated attraction in Barcelona, attracting an overwhelming 12 million annual visitors.

If you are planning to visit Park Guell, this handy guide will tell you everything about the park, from what’s inside Park Guell to some must-visit areas and activities to do there.

The guide also contains some handy information and tips. Let us start with a brief introduction!

What is Park Guell?

What is Park Guell
Image: Vitor Monteiro on Unsplash

Park Guell is a privatized park in Barcelona. It was designed by famous Architect Anoni Gaudi between 1900 and 1914.

Why is Park Guell famous?

Park Güell is famous for several reasons. The main reason is its unique architecture with imaginative and nature-inspired structures.

Next, the park is designed by the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudí.

Additionally, the park’s hilltop location with scenic views and unique landmarks surrounded by lush gardens, winding pathways and sculptures add to its popularity.

About the Park:

Best Entrance: Carrer de Larrard (Main Entrance)

Opened to Public: 1926

Annual Visitors: 12 million

Architect: Antoni Gaudi

Architectural style: Modernisme

UNESCO World Heritage: Since, 1984

Best Time to Visit: Early Morning or Afternoon

Must-see Places: Hyptostyle Room, Casa del Guarda, Placa da Natura and Austria Gardens

Tickets Price: €13

Why should you visit Park Guell?

Park Guell is one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona. Here are a few reasons why you must also visit it:

Unique architectural style: The architecture of Park Guell itself is unique and original. Unlike other general parks, it has whimsical structures, colorful mosaic statues of animals, small houses and organic shapes.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Park Guell was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 under the ‘Works of Antoni Gaudi.’

Fascinating History: Park Guell’s construction was influenced by English Garden Cities. It has a unique history of transformation, from a real estate project to a public park.

Stunning views: Located on Carmel Hill, it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city street and provides stunning views of Barcelona’s skyline. It also has different viewpoints.

Things You Should Know About Park Guell

We highly recommend you add Park Guell to your next Barcelona Itinerary. If you are still unconvinced, here are a few facts about this attraction that amaze you.

Park Guell sells 400 tickets every half an hour.

Park Guell receives approx 14,400 visitors per day.

Ever since Park Guell opened for visitors, it has been the major crowd puller of Barcelona, after Sagrada Familia.

Park Guell exists in complete harmony with nature, and it has no straight lines in any building, wall or column.

Want to know more amazing facts about Park Guell? Read our article on the Interesting Facts of the Park Guell.

Highlights of the Park Guell: Must-Visit Places

Park Guell contains an area of 12 hectares and has two zones: Monumental and Forest Zone.

The monumental zone inside Park Guell has many popular things to see, which include:

Park Guell Casa del Guarda: 

Casa del Guarda is a small house at the Park Guell’s entrance.

Earlier, it served as the home of the park’s ranger. Now, it houses a museum, which shows the next stages of the design and creation of the park.

What makes this house unique is its beautiful rooftop covered with colorful mosaics.

El Drac or Salamander Statue:

One of the iconic and best things to see in Park Guell is the colorful mosaic salamander, also known as “el drac” or the dragon.

This statue is located in the center of the two ways stairways reaching the Hypostyle Room. It is a popular spot for photos.

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Hypostyle Room:

Hypostyle Room, also known as Sala Hipostila in Catalan, is a large enclosed space with a ceiling supported by 86 striated pillars.

Its pillars together hold up the longest curvy bench on its rooftop.

Inspired by the Doric order of ancient Greek architecture, this room was intended to be used as a marketplace but never as one. 

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Serpentine Bench: 

This 110m long bench is located on the terrace of the Hypostyle Room.

Unlike other benches, it has a curvy shape, which makes it unique. This bench covers a large area, making it the world’s longest corrugated bench.

It offers visitors a place to sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and best views.

Nature Square or Greek Theater:

It is a spacious area in the park that was originally designed for hosting outdoor performances.

Despite the square being man-made, its name, Nature Square, reflects its connection with the natural surrounding environment.

One part of the square is carved into the rock, and the other part is supported by the hypostyle room. 

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Austria Gardens:

Originally serving as a municipal plant nursery, this peaceful area within the park is surrounded by trees donated by Austria in 1977.

These trees, planted within the Austria Gardens, gave the area its name.

The garden has beautiful greenery and looks different from the rest of the park. 

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Gaudi House Museum:

Located near the entrance of the Park, this Museum once served as the home of renowned Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi, who created the park.

The museum contains his ideas, drawings, and personal belongings. You can visit it as a part of the guided tour of the Park Guell.
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Activities/ Things to do in Park Guell

There are a variety of things to do inside Park Guell, which includes:

Walk through the Pathways: Park Güell is surrounded by lush greenery and winding paths, perfect for leisurely strolls.

You can explore the park’s natural beauty by walking through the pathways and discovering hidden corners along the way.

Enjoy the stunning views: It has many viewpoints. You can climb to the park’s highest points and enjoy stunning views of Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Enjoy Picnics and Relaxation: After visiting the complete park, you can find a cozy space and enjoy a relaxing meal with friends or family.

Shop for Souvenirs: While making your way out, make sure to browse the gift shops and take home some unique souvenirs and gifts inspired by Gaudí’s designs and Park Güell.

Capture Memories: Park Güell is a paradise for photographers, with the best views, stunning architecture, and vibrant colors at every turn.

So, make sure to bring your camera to capture your favorite moments there.

How to visit Park Guell?

How to visit Park Guell?

Park Guell can be very busy, especially during the high season and peak hours.

To enjoy a hassle-free visit, you must plan in advance, pick up the crowd’s free time and, most importantly, book your Park Guell tickets in advance.

Also, reach it early and choose your Park Guell entrance wisely based on your transport options. We recommend entering from the Carrer d’Olot Entrance.

Before entering the park, make sure to take the map at the gate and then you can start the visit from the Monumental Zone.

This zone contains many popular landmarks like the stairway, Salamander and the terrace.

Make sure to visit all the areas inside Park Guell, and don’t forget to relax on the serpentine bench on the terrace while enjoying the views.

Also, remember to respect Park Guell’s rules and regulations, including preserving the wildlife and environment.

After the park, you can also consider exploring nearby attractions like Casa Mila (La Pedrera) or Casa Batllo.


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