Parking near Park Guell: Find The Best Spot

There are several options for parking near Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. Some of the best ones include:

1. Parking at Pak Guell Entrance: Carretera del Carmel

1. Parking at Park Guell Entrance Carretera del Carmel
Image: Parkguell.barcelona

Timing: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm

One of the best and most convenient parking options is located near Park Guell’s entrance at Carretera del Carmel.

It contains around 25 parking spaces, of which three are reserved for people with mobility impairments.

However, this parking area is mainly for larger groups arriving by coach.

If you’re part of a group and need a parking space, you can reserve it when you buy your entrance tickets.

This reservation allows your coach to stay in the bus zone parking for up to an hour and a half or more.

Only those who made reservations in advance can use this parking near Park Guell.

So, book your parking spot in advance when you get your Parc Guell tickets!

Want parking space for a taxi?

If you come on public transport, you might use either of the two taxi stands located on Rambla de Mercedes or Carretera del Carmel for parking.

You can check the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona website for further information.

2. Parking Esperança I Güell

parking near park guell
Image: Elparking.com

Distance: 290m
Carrer de Sant Cugat del Vallès, 13, 08024 Barcelona, Spain
How to Reach: Short Walk GET DIRECTIONS
Hourly rate: €3

Parking Esperança I Güell is located just 290 m from the Av. del Santuari de St. Josep de la Muntanya entrance of Park Guell.

It is open 24 hours a day, and the check-in hours are from 8 am to 3 pm (Monday to Friday).

The car park is small, easy to navigate, clean, and beautiful, and you can take nice pictures.

It also has a coffee house, playgrounds and clean toilets.

However, parking spaces are limited and pre-booked due to the smaller area. It is advisable to book your spot online in advance.

This parking lot near Parc Guell also has shortcut gates that take you directly to the Park Guell entrances.

It is the best option if you want to park your car closer to the park.

3. BSM Travessera de Dalt Parking

3. BSM Travessera de Dalt Parking
Image: Aparcamentsbsm.cat

Distance: 550 m
Travessera de Dalt, 51, 08024 Barcelona, Spain
How to Reach: Short Walk GET DIRECTIONS
Hourly rate: €10

BSM Travessera de Dalt Parking is located just 550m from the Av. del Santuari de St. Josep de la Muntanya Entrance of Park Guell.

From the car park, you can reach the park in less than 10 minutes.

The parking area is very large, clean, modern and well-organized. It is open 24 hours a day and also has an area for charging electric cars.

All the parking spaces are painted white with different labels, making locating your car much easier.

You can book it online in advance and get yourself a spot beforehand. It is another convenient and best option if you want to park closer to Parc Guell.

4. BSM Torrent de l’Olla

4. BSM Torrent de l'Olla
Image: Aparcamentsbsm.cat

Distance: 1 km
How to Reach: Short Walk or Tram GET DIRECTIONS
Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 221, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Hourly Rate: €10

BSM Torrent de l’Ollait Parking is a municipal parking lot located 1 km from Parc Guell. It is closer to Plaza de Lesseps and is open 24 hours a day.

You can take a tram or walk to Park Guell from the car park.

It has a large parking area with seven floors and good ramps to enter and exit. It has well-working elevators, lambs and clean toilets.

There is also a designated parking space for bikes.

It is very safe and secure and has an easy-to-understand payment system.

If you don’t mind walking to Parc Guell, it can be a good and safe spot to park in the city. You can also use it for weekend parking.

5. NN Esteve Terrades

5. NN Esteve Terrades
Image: Elparking.com

Distance: 1.4 km
Address: Carrer d’Esteve Terradas, 17, 31, 08023 Barcelona, Spain
How to Reach: Tram or Walk GET DIRECTIONS
Hourly rate: €9

The NN Esteve Terrades Parking Lot is located near Vallcarca Station. You can walk to the park or take a tram from the parking lot.

The car park is open 24 hours a day and has various free spaces. It is a well-guarded, safe and secure spot with good staff.

For reduced prices at the parking, you can book a spot in advance online by using the Parclick app.

Once you book and arrive, you just need to dial the number provided on the app, and the doors will open automatically.

Pro Tip💡: While in Barcelona, you can book a parking spot by using various online websites and apps like Parclick, Parkimeter and more.


Is there a parking spot near Parc Guell?

Yes, there are multiple parking options near Parc Güell in Barcelona.

How much does the parking near Park Guell cost?

The hourly rates for parking near Parc Güell vary depending on the parking spot. The general cost ranges from €3 per hour to €10 per hour.

Where to park near Parc Guell?

Some of the most convenient parking options near Parc Guell include Esperança I Güell and BSM Travessera de Dalt Parking.

There are other spaces located a little far from Parc Guell, like BSM Torrent de l’Olla and NN Esteve Terrades.

Is parking difficult in Barcelona?

Yes, parking in Barcelona can be challenging if not planned in advance.

The city has numerous parking facilities, but spaces may fill up quickly.

To secure a spot, booking online in advance before arriving at the location is recommended.

You can use platforms like Parclick, Parkimeter and various other websites for convenient pre-booking.

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