Easter in Barcelona, 2024


Easter in Barcelona is when locals and visitors come together for religious and cultural festivities.

It’s about remembering the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is important in the Christian faith.

In Barcelona, Easter is a special time filled with traditions and ceremonies. 

People participate in colorful parades and street performances through the historic streets and admire religious symbols in churches. 

But there is more to Easter than religion; it’s a time for happy celebrations and community unity.

Families savor traditional Catalan meals, and kids eagerly await the Easter bunny and egg hunts.

Easter in Barcelona celebrates the city’s diverse culture and welcomes everyone to join in, regardless of background. It’s a time for faith, fresh starts, and the arrival of spring.

This article will guide you through the processions, traditions, food, and attractions you shouldn’t miss during Easter in Barcelona 2024.

The Easter Week in Barcelona

Easter week in Barcelona starts on Palm Sunday, April 24th, 2024. 

Like in the rest of Spain, festivities will start on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and continue until Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua). 

The major parades will take place on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, 28 and 29 March, respectively.

Barcelona has many processions during Easter. The most important one, called La Burreta, is on the Sunday before Easter. 

It remembers when Jesus returned to Jerusalem. There are also smaller processions on Good Friday.

The Traditions of Easter in Barcelona

During the La Burreta parade in Barcelona, everyone puts olive or palm leaves outside their doors to keep the evil energies away. 

The parade has floats with religious themes and people wearing special robes. 

Children wait for the parade with their palm leaves, hoping to get blessed with holy water. They get these leaves from their godparents. 

After Easter, the leaves are left to dry until Ash Wednesday. 

The day after Easter Sunday in Barcelona, godparents give a cake to the children, called Mona de Pascua. 

Easter is also a time for treats in Barcelona. This is why bakeries display fancy chocolate in their windows around this time. 

Weather in Barcelona during Easter

During Easter week, Barcelona enjoys spring weather with clear skies and about 9 hours of daylight. 

Temperatures range from highs of around 17°C to lows of about 8°C. It’s an ideal time for sunbathing and other beach activities. 

The chances of rain are unlikely, but it can be humid with a moderate breeze, making evenings cooler.

Things to Do on Easter in Barcelona 2024

Visiting Barcelona during Easter offers many activities and events to enjoy. Here are some highlights:

Attend Mass at Sagrada Familia

Address: C/ de Mallorca, 401, L’Eixample, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

During Easter in Barcelona, most churches hold masses, including the Sagrada Familia

It is a Roman Catholic church known for its stunning architecture. 

Designed by Antoni Gaudí, it’s still being built and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with six other Gaudí buildings in Barcelona. 

Attending Easter mass at this incredible structure should definitely be part of your plans.

You can attend Easter mass there on both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. 

Just arrive at the Sagrada Familia church by 8:30 AM on the day of your choice. 

Note: Seats are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Indulge in La Burreta on Palm Sunday

La Burrata is a procession held on Palm Sunday in Barcelona, celebrating Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem. 

It’s a big event for Barcelona’s children, who eagerly await getting their palm leaves blessed. 

Every church in the city has its own procession; you’re welcome to join them if you’d like. 

But if you prefer to watch from a viewpoint, we recommend the Cathedral of Barcelona, which hosts the largest procession in the city.

The Processions of the Brotherhoods

Watching the brotherhood processions during Easter in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience, highlighting the city’s rich cultural heritage. 

These processions, known as “estacion de penitencia,” feature beautifully decorated Easter floats with religious sculptures. 

Starting from parish churches, they move through city streets to the cathedral for a penitential stop. 

Visitors can see these displays in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, near Las Rambla or by Sagrada Familia.

Visit Poble Espanyol

Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, Sants-Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Exploring Poble Espanyol in Barcelona during Easter can be a wonderful experience. 

It’s a cultural village that showcases Spanish architecture, art, and crafts.

Visiting Poble Espanyol during Easter is a great way to experience Spanish traditions. 

The streets and squares are beautifully decorated to celebrate the holiday. 

Poble Espanyol brings the essence of Andalusian and Spanish Easter to Catalonia. 

The scenery, crafts, and artwork make the experience even more authentic.

Barcelona Flower Festival: Montjuic Hill

The Barcelona Flower Festival on Montjuic Hill is a stunning event highlighting the city’s passion for nature and gardening.

Held at Poble Espanyol, a Spanish village on Montjuic Hill, the festival features beautiful floral decorations and a breathtaking floral carpet. 

Visitors can enjoy exploring ten villages decorated with colorful flower arrangements, creating a beautiful atmosphere. 

Live music, painting contests, and exhibitions with a horticulture theme add to the spirit.  

Furthermore, some popular gardens on Montjuic Hill include:  

  • Jardines de Mossen i Costa i Llobera 
  • Jardi Botanic Historic 
  • The Botanical Gardens

All showcasing diverse plant species from around the world.

Explore the Gothic Quarter

If you don’t want to join the bustling Easter procession at Barcelona Cathedral, you can explore the Gothic Quarter instead.

Its narrow streets are calm and quiet, offering a peaceful escape from the holiday rush. 

You might find some antique shops open, filled with treasures waiting to be discovered. 

The Gothic Quarter offers an alternative Easter experience that will surely impress you.

Meet Vella Quaresma, the Old Lady Lent

This quirky character isn’t just some decoration; she’s a symbol of the Lenten season, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter. 

Think self-reflection and discipline, but with a Catalan twist. 

This granny will be carrying a cod and a basket of veggies, along with a surprising number of legs (seven, to be exact). 

As each week of Lent passes, one of those legs gets the chop! By the halfway mark, she’s literally cut in half. 

Don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun. Kids even get involved, collecting donations while symbolically sawing poor Vella in two. 

This wacky tradition is a reminder that even as times change, some things stick around. 

Events during Easter in Barcelona 2024

Easter in Barcelona 2024 will run from 29 March 2024 (Good Friday) to 1 April 2024 (Easter Monday). Some key events and activities during this period include:

  • Easter Parades: The most important parades will be held on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
  • La Burreta Procession: A procession commemorating Jesus’s return to Jerusalem on the Sunday just before Easter Sunday.

It will take place on 24 March 2024, starting at 10am.  

  • Lighting at Sagrada Familia: The Sagrada Familia will be illuminated in a unique way during Easter weekend. The dates are 29 to 31 March 2024.
  • Easter Mass at Sagrada Familia: Attending mass at this iconic structure is a must-visit during Easter. It takes place on Easter Sunday, which is 31 March 2024.
  • The Semana Santa Parade: Every year, the Semana Santa parade showcases religious statues carried through the streets by members of different brotherhoods and associations wearing traditional robes. 

The route changes yearly but usually goes through the Gothic Quarter and the Ribera district, two of Barcelona’s oldest and most historic areas.

The dates for the event: 24 to 30 March 2024 

Barcelona is the place to be if you’re looking for a unique Easter experience. 

With its mix of cultural traditions, religious ceremonies, and lively celebrations, the city offers something special for everyone. 

Is Barcelona Closed During Easter?

Barcelona is not closed during Easter, but some activities and attractions may have different opening hours or be closed on certain days. 

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Most attractions have regular opening hours.
  • Sagrada Familia is closed on Palm Sunday due to mass.
  • The market is closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.
  • Most shopping places, except the Maremagnum Shopping Centre, are closed for three days.
  • Free museum Sundays don’t apply to Easter Sunday.
  • Subways and buses operate during the holidays, like on normal weekends and bank holidays, though with fewer buses and subways.
  • Most restaurants are open during the Easter holidays, but some may be closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Easter Delicacies of Barcelona

Easter in Barcelona brings a tasty selection of traditional treats to savor during the festive season. Here are some delicious options to enjoy:

  • Mona de Pascua

Mona de Pascua is a traditional Easter cake decorated with chocolate eggs and figures, symbolizing the joy of Easter.

Children often receive this cake as a gift from their godparents on Easter Monday.

The cake has evolved over time, with detailed chocolate decorations and various fillings like creme brulee, chocolate, cream, or butter.

  • Torrijas

Torrijas are a traditional Spanish dessert made with bread, milk, and sugar, similar to French toast.

  • Bacalao (Salt Cod)

Bacalao, or salt cod, is a popular Easter food in Barcelona, often served in stews or with potatoes.

  • Pestinos

During Easter week in Spain, pestiños are a must-have treat. 

These delicate cookies are made by frying dough in olive oil and then coating them with sugar and honey.

There are some variations where the dough is flavored with sesame seeds.

Tips for Visiting Barcelona During Easter

  • Easter is a popular time to visit Barcelona, and the city can be quite crowded, especially on Easter weekend. 

Be prepared for larger crowds and plan your schedule accordingly

  • Before heading out for a spontaneous visit to attractions in Barcelona during Easter, make sure to check their opening times. 

The timing could change on short notice due to the festivities.

  • Hotels in the Gothic Quarter, near Barcelona Cathedral, are a good choice as they are centrally located and close to many of Barcelona’s main sights.
  • Barcelona experiences an average high of 17°C and an average low of 8°C during the Easter week. 

Be sure to pack accordingly for chilly evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easter in Barcelona

When is Easter in 2024?

Easter in 2024 falls on Sunday, 31 March. 

What to do in Barcelona on Easter sunday? 

Visitors can: 
– Attend Easter parades 
– Enjoy a classic Mona de Pascua cake
– Attend mass at Sagrada Familia 
– Watch a flamenco show 
– Visit the city’s top attractions that remain open during the holiday period

Can tourists take part in the Easter parades in Barcelona?

Visitors are welcome to watch the processions during Easter Week in Barcelona. 

While tourists cannot join the official parades organized by groups called cofradias, they can witness these cultural events throughout the city.

What is open on Easter in Barcelona? 

Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are public holidays in Barcelona. 

Most shops and markets remain closed. However, small convenience stores and some bakeries may remain open with reduced schedules.

What are some traditional Easter activities in Barcelona?

Traditional Easter activities in Barcelona include: 
– Attending church services
– Participating in religious processions
– Enjoying local cuisine with family and friends
– Joining in street celebrations such as parades 

Is Easter a good time to visit Barcelona?

Easter is a fantastic time to visit Barcelona. It offers pleasant weather, cultural festivities, and a range of activities to enjoy.

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