The Austria Gardens in Park Guell

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The Austria Gardens in Park Guell, Barcelona, are a distinctive area within the park known for its natural beauty and unique features. 

The area was originally planned to be used as plots in the estate but became a municipal plant nursery when Park Guell became public.

In 1977, it turned into a garden, with trees and plants donated by Austria, which is also how it acquired its name.

The garden has a different look than the rest of the park. 

Visitors can enjoy views of two houses from its center, built in Eusebi Güell’s time: one belongs to lawyer Marti Trias i Domenech. 

The other, the former show home for the estate, was later purchased by the Gaudi family and is now the Gaudi House Museum.

The garden has northern conifers and evergreens, which contrast with the tropical vegetation in the rest of the park. 

It is a relatively newer addition to Park Guell and is known for its foreign flora, making it worth visiting the park. 

Gaudi’s Vision and Planning to Build Austria Gardens in Barcelona

The Austria Garden, initially named “Plaza del Mar” (Sea Square), served as a reservoir within this fantastical landscape. 

Gaudí saw it as a space for social gatherings, adorned with vibrant mosaics reminiscent of marine life. 

Sadly, the reservoir wasn’t completed, but the captivating mosaics tell tales of Gaudí’s vision.

While the ticketed Monumental Zone is famous for Gaudí’s fantastical creations, the free section offers something equally special: a peaceful escape into the heart of the Mediterranean.

You can take a walk on the intricate viaducts, look at the clever water systems, and discover hidden pathways that weave through the landscape.

It’s no wonder Park Güell has become Barcelona’s most beloved garden. 

There are no restrictions on who can visit the gardens in Austria. It is open to the public free of charge.

However, if you want to access the monumental zone, you will need to pay a small entry fee to explore the area. 

The Three Viaducts of Austria Gardens in Park Guell

The Three Viaducts of Austria Gardens in Park Guell

The Austria Gardens in Park Güell feature three viaducts designed by Antoni Gaudí to facilitate movement and communication within the park. 

These viaducts, known as the Lower, Middle, and High Bridges, are integrated into the terrain and were designed to preserve the park’s natural aesthetics. 

They lead to Three Crosses Hill and are part of Gaudí’s original 3-kilometer road network to connect the different areas of the park. 

A ten-meter-wide transverse road connects Carmel Road to the exit for Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

Gaudí built Park Güell’s alleyways and trails, including three-meter-wide footpaths, shortcuts with stairs, and slopes for direct access to plots.

Finally, an essential axis of this urbanization is its transverse street, which is ten meters wide and connects Carmel Road to the Sant Josep de la Muntanya exit. 

How to Get to the Gardens of Austria in Barcelona?

How to get to the Gardens of Austria in Barcelona

To get to the Austria Gardens in Park Güell, visitors can take the metro to Lesseps station (line 3) and then walk up the hill to the park’s entrance. 

From there, visitors can follow the recommended route to visit all the points of interest signposted within the restricted area, including the Austria Gardens. 

The gardens are located at Carrer de Marianao 24, Gracia, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Visitors can also take tram 24 to the park’s entrance or take a taxi or ride-sharing service to the park. 

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