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The Nature Square in Park Guell is famous for being the nerve center of the park and a very popular place for all visitors to this monumental site. 

The square, also known as Plaça de la Natura, was originally called the Greek Theatre. 

Its original name was because it planned to stage large open-air shows that could be watched from the surrounding terraces. 

This square is an artificial structure, part of which is dug into the rock, while the other part is held up on top of the hypostyle room. 

It was renovated to repair the waterproofing and rainwater collection system connected to the Hypostyle Room’s cistern.

In this article, you will learn about Nature Square Barcelona’s history, design, and cultural significance. 

Nature Square Park Guell Construction 

Nature Square, situated at the heart of Park Guell, shows Gaudi’s innovative design principles and his profound love for nature.

It was originally planned to stage large open-air shows that could be watched from the surrounding terraces.

But now it serves as a central gathering space within the park, where people can relax away from the busy city of Barcelona.

At first glance, Nature Square charms with its colorful mosaics and playful architecture, showcasing Gaudi’s signature mosaic work and playful architectural elements.

But it can also be characterized by the wavy shapes, benches with colorful tiles, and a wall that looks like tall palm trees that frame the beautiful views of Barcelona.

Although Gaudi always respected the lie of the land, this large square is artificial, with part of it dug into the rock and the other part held up on top of the hypostyle room.

In recent years, Nature Square in Barcelona has become a popular and significant area within Park Guell, attracting millions of visitors annually.

This makes it a must-visit area for anyone who appreciates a unique blend of nature and art. 

Nature Square Barcelona History 

Nature Square Park Guell
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In the early 20th century, Eusebi Guell, a wealthy industrialist, commissioned Gaudi to design Park Guell as a residential park.

Inspired by the English garden city movement, the park was designed to provide a harmonious balance between urban living and a natural environment.

He wanted the park to feel like it belonged in nature, so it’s a peaceful and beautiful place for people to enjoy.

However, the project was a commercial failure, and the park was opened to the public in 1926, several years after Gaudí’s death. 

Nature Square (Greek Theater) Architectural Inspiration 

Gaudi drew inspiration from nature in all its forms, viewing it as the ultimate source of beauty, harmony, and innovation.

This strong connection to the natural world is evident in every aspect of Nature Square, from its natural shapes to its careful attention to small details.

The design principles behind Nature Square reflect Gaudi’s deep understanding of natural geometry and his belief that everything in nature works together in harmony.

He wanted his buildings to look like nature, so he used shapes like spirals, curves, and fractals, just like you see in plants and shells.

Nature Square Park Guell Restoration

Nature Square Park Guell Restoration

Nature Square in Park Guell has undergone several restoration works to preserve and protect this cultural asset for future generations to enjoy. 

These restoration works have focused on various aspects, including waterproofing, fixing the rainwater collection & drainage system, and the ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall.

To minimize disruption to visitors, these restoration activities were conducted in stages, allowing visitors to continue enjoying the curvy bench and city views from the square.

The ongoing restoration work includes covering the domes and improving the rainwater drainage network, and it aims to keep Nature Square in good condition. 

While also ensuring its longevity as a significant and popular area within Park Guell. 

The constant work of preserving, restoring, and protecting these cultural assets is essential to maintaining Park Guell’s historical, architectural, and artistic identity.

What to See Inside Nature Square Barcelona

Once you enter the park, go up to the Dragon Stairway.

Following the stairs, you will pass through a wide porch with eighty-six columns that support a vast square.

The roof is covered in fragile, white homogeneity, but it is not plain; it is sinking between columns. 

In the center, there are fourteen fragile pieces distributed unevenly.

In areas with no fragile medallions. The columns are likewise coated with white brittle at the bottom.

There is no column at a straight angle to the soil; everyone has the same inclination.

However, the columns support the square and act as drains. 

All rainwater that gathers on the square is filtered via the columns and routed to a chamber that serves as a reservoir beneath the space. Where it is stored.

The porch was thought to be a market in the garden city, but it was never opened.

The Domes of Nature Square Park Guell

Domes of Nature Square Park Guell

The domes of Nature Square in Park Guell have been the subject of restoration and conservation efforts.

The work to cover the domes and spread sand on the surface of Nature Square has been initiated to preserve this significant area within Park Guell.

These improvements are part of the Works Plan for Architectural and Natural Heritage and the Area Surrounding Park Guell. 

The Government Committee of the Barcelona City Council commissioned this work.

This ongoing renovation aims to keep Nature Square in good condition and ensure its longevity. 

How to get to Nature Square Park Guell?

You have a few options to reach Nature Square in Park Guell. 

The park sits between several neighborhoods in the Gracia and Horta-Guinardo districts.

The closest metro stations are Lesseps and Vallcarca, both on Line 3 (Green Line). From these stations, you can walk uphill to reach Park Güell. 

Alternatively, bus stops near the park are served by bus lines H6, D40, 24, and 92. 

They have stops near the park, providing another convenient transportation option.

You can also take a taxi, which is recommended for the uphill journey to the park.

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