Park Guell Map: A Reliable Companion for Your Visit


Park Guell Map: A Reliable Companion for Your Visit

The Prague Castle covers a large area of 12 hectares, and to visit it without missing major attractions, one must have a reliable companion- The Park Guell Map.

With the map of the park in hand, you will have a clear picture of the attraction in mind.

The map is a visual key that provides visitors with a comprehensive overview of the complex.

It will help you navigate the park’s different routes and easily locate its major attractions and other facilities like restrooms, shops and more. 

Park Guell Map

Park Güell is situated on Carmel Hill and spans between the neighborhoods of El Coll, La Salut, Vallcarca i els Penitents, El Carmel, and Can Baró in the districts of Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó.

The park has many entrances, buildings, routes and shops throughout. You can easily navigate through the park using a Park Guell guide map.

Park Guell Entrances and Ticket Offices:

  • Carrer de Larrard or Carrer d’Olot (The Main Entrance)
  • Carretera del Carmel or Plaça de la Natura
  • Passatge de Sant Joseph de la Muntanya

Each Park Guell Entrance contains a ticketing office.

Inside Park Guell: 

  • El Drac Lizard at Park’s Entrance
  • Washerwoman’s Portico
  • The Greek Theater or Nature Square
  • Monumental Staircase
  • Hypostyle Hall
  • Porter’s Lodge Pavilion
  • The three Viaducts
  • Austria Gardens

Park Guell Nearby Stops

  • Lesseps Metro Stop
  • Vallcara Metro Stop
  • Park Güell Bus Stop
  • Carretera del Carmel-Park Güell Bus Stop
  • Rambla de Mercedes taxi stand
  • Carretera del Carmel taxi stand

Know the best ways to reach Park Guell using these stops. 

Park Guell Routes 

  • Views of Middle Bridge
  • Palm Trees Path 
  • Lower Bridge 
  • Route to Casa del Guarda
  • Stairway
  • Views of Laundry Room Portico
  • Route to Hypostyle Room
  • Dragon or Salamander
  • Nature Square
  • Austria Gardens
  • High Bridge 
  • Casa Trias

Other Interesting Areas Nearby

  • The Hill of Three Crosses
  • Larrard House
  • Trias House
  • Gaudi House Museum
  • Biodiversity Itinerary

Park Guell Restrooms

  • On Carretera del Carmel, just at the Park Güell entrance gate
  • On “Passeig de les Palmeres”, next to “Plaça de la Natura,”
  • Next to the “Carrer d’Olot” entrance

Park Guell Shops

A shop and bookshop specializing in Gaudí, modernism and Barcelona is located in one of the entrance pavilions of Park Güell, near the main entrance.

Park Guell Relaxing Areas 

The park’s natural, historical, and cultural legacy is so rich and diverse that a visit can span several hours. 

However, because it is a park and a big urban green space, city inhabitants can use it for recreation and civic purposes, particularly those living in nearby neighborhoods.

Park Güell has a variety of leisure places where visitors can spend the day enjoying the park’s natural and cultural qualities and participating in outdoor activities.

To support this purpose, the park provides various gathering sites and leisure areas surrounded by nature and biodiversity where people can engage in outdoor activities. 

These rooms are outfitted with tables, seats, urban furniture, and games to help guests unwind.

Park Guell Walking Tour Map

There are numerous attractions inside the Park Guell, so it would be difficult to locate all of them by yourself.

Even if the map of Park Guell helps a lot, there is still a risk of missing major ones.

The Park Guell Walking Tour provides a perfect way to see all its attractions without missing the highlights and important points of interest.

With 5k reviews and a 4.3 stellar rating, this is the best tour available online. Grab it now!

Tips for Navigating the Park Guell

If you want to make your visit peaceful and want to cover everything inside Park Guell,  the Park Guell map can come in handy.

However, approach it with a strategic plan so that you will not miss the focus parts of the park and admire every work of Gaudi. 

Here are some professional tips to help you make the most of your visit:

1. Choose your Park Guell Entrance wisely

The park has three entrances and you must choose the best entrance for yourself depending on your means of transport to reach the park.

If you have pre-booked tickets in hand, for a crowd-free experience, you must avoid the main entrance.

You will find a ticketing office and an information center near each entrance, offering complimentary maps for your exploration. 

If you haven’t already, ensure to grab a map of Park Guell and guide yourself conveniently!

Also, learn more about Park Guell entrances here!

Do you know?

Park Guell was built from 1900 to 1914 as real estate but was later transformed into a public park for certain reasons. 

Learn more about the fascinating history of Park Guell here!

2. Follow the Suggested Routes

The free map has suggested routes to take you through the park’s highlights.

Depending on your entrance, you can either start your visit from the two pavilions near the main entrance, head towards the dragon staircase or reach the Hypostyle Room.

After exploring the area of the park’s monumental zone, you can visit the Austria Gardens and rest area.

After the park, you can also visit the Gaudi House Museum at the park’s entrance, where the architect Antoni Gaudi himself lived.

Book your Park Guell and Gaudi House Museum combo tickets!

3. Consider an Audio Guide or Guided Tour for the visit

This park covers a large area and might be difficult to navigate without audiovisual help.

The Park Guell Map can surely help you, but audio-guided/guided tours are preferred for such large attractions.

If you are with your family and want detailed insights into the park, then consider booking a Park Guell guided tour!

If you are on a budget-friendly trip or want to save money, you can also book the Park Guell tickets with an optional audio guide.

4. Make Sure to Visit These Points

Even if you have less time to visit Park Guell, there are certain points that you must not miss out on.

Some of the must-visit points of Park Guell are:

Dragon Staircase
The Laundry room portico
Hypostyle Room
Gaudí House Museum

If you want to know more interesting tips for visiting Park Guell, read our article on Park Guell Tips.


Where is the lizard in Park Güell?

The famous “El Drac” is located on the stairway at the Park Guell Entrance.

What is the snake in Parc Guell?

The famous snake bench of the Park Guell is wrapped around the terrace of the Hypostyle Room.

Does Park Güell have bathrooms?

Yes, Park Guell has several restrooms located at its entrance gates and inside.

Some of them are:

On Carretera del Carmel, just at the Park Güell entrance gate
Next to the “Carrer d’Olot” entrance
On “Passeig de les Palmeres,” next to “Plaça de la Natura,”

Do I need a tour of Park Güell?

If you are visiting Park Guell for the first time, it is highly advised that you take a guided tour.

A professional guide will plan everything for you in advance and you can enjoy it without worrying about getting lost or missing major attractions.

If you want to save money, you can also enjoy a self-guided tour of the park using the Barcelona Guell park map as your guide.

How many entrances does Park Güell have?

The Park Guell has three entrances: Carrer de Larrard or Carrer d’Olot (the main entrance), the Carrera del Carmel or Plaça de la Natura and the Passatge de Sant Joseph de la Muntanya.

What is the most famous part of Park Güell?

Some of the most famous parts of the Park Guell are the Greek Theatre, Hypostyle Room, Dragon Stairway, and Laundry Portico.

Where is the best viewpoint in Park Guell?

The Three Cross Hill is the highest and best viewpoint in Park Guell. It offers stunning views of Barcelona’s skyline.

Where can I get the Park Guell Map?

You can easily get a map of Park Guell at its entrances.

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