The Barcelona Pass

With the Barcelona Pass, you can enhance your trip to Barcelona. 

On the upper deck of the hop-on hop-off bus, go from point A to point B while taking in two of Gaudi’s most stunning creations, the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. 

Your trip to Barcelona will be hassle-free and enjoyable for the whole family with this all-inclusive pass.

The Hop-on Hop-off bus is less expensive than cabs and makes it easy for you to visit the attractions of your own choice.

Choose a one- or two-day pass, then board and depart the bus as much as you want.

You can access all of Barcelona’s greatest attractions via one of three routes.

Visit the Sagrada Familia and get access to this massive Barcelona church, which Gaud intended to resemble an enchanting woodland.

At Antoni Gaud’s Park Güell, choose a mosaic-tiled seat and take in Barcelona’s skyline. 

The views from here are almost as magnificent as the location.

With the help of a valuable audio guide app that can be downloaded for the city of Barcelona, the history of the city will stick with you and sink in. 

Connect to find a commentary on the top attractions, maps, advice, and much more.

1-day ticket prices: 

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Senior ticket (65+ years)€70
Adult ticket (30 to 64 years)€87
Youth ticket (13 to 29 years)€84 
Child ticket (11 to 12 years)€66
Child ticket (7 to 10 years)€28
Child ticket (4 to 6 years)€18

2-day ticket prices:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Senior ticket (65+ years)€80
Adult ticket (30 to 64 years)€96
Youth ticket (13 to 29 years)€94
Child ticket (11 to 12 years)€71
Child ticket (7 to 10 years)€33
Child ticket (4 to 6 years)€20

Note: The Sagrada Familia towers are not accessible with this ticket.

Featured Image: Barcelona.com, Konstantinks / Getty Images

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