Nature square

Nature Square, also known as Placa De La Natura, is a massive esplanade in the heart of Park Guell. 

It is an ample open space surrounded by Antoni Gaudi’s beautiful carvings. It was once known as the Greek theater. 

Gaudi developed this enormous gathering and entertainment area for occupants of the housing estate.

The enormous square, spanning 86 meters long by 43 meters broad, has an oval shape. In addition to this, one-third of its surface area was carved out from the hillside.

It is inspired by squares (agoras) of Greek city-states (polis), where civic events and religious ceremonies could occur.

The space was intended for outdoor shows that could also be enjoyed from neighboring terraces. 

One part of this space is carved into the rock, while the other is built against the Hypostyle Room

A beautiful bench covered in a tile-shard mosaic is a handrail on the stairwell’s side.

The long mosaic serpentine bench winds around Nature Square like a snake and is comfortable and beautiful.

The bench is 110m long, making it the longest bench in the world.

You may enjoy breathtaking views of Barcelona and the horizon beyond from here. 

The terrace is also a fantastic location for stunning photography, so bring your camera.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket to Park Guell and climb up the hill to Nature Square, which will reward you with breathtaking views of Barcelona!

Nature Square Park Guell restoration

The Nature Square at Park Güell has just been repaired, ensuring its lifespan and keeping it as lovely as possible. 

The waterproofing was maintained to preserve it in good shape, as did the rainwater-collection system, which was linked to the network that led to the cistern beneath the Hypostyle Room. 

This construction was done in stages to avoid disrupting visitors and allow them to see the serpentine seats and panoramic city views from the square.

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Featured Image: Parkguell.barcelona

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