Austria Gardens Park Guell 

The name “Gardens of Austria” originated from a generous contribution of trees gifted by Austria in 1977 during the “Vienna to Barcelona” exhibition.

The Austria Gardens Park Guell was initially planned to be an area for urbanization. 

It was a plant nursery when Park Guell was transformed into a public park for private and public events. 

The Austria Garden is frequently maintained and contains a variety of species. It has a unique appearance compared to the rest of the park due to the trees from Austria. 

You can take lovely pictures in the garden’s stunning settings with your significant other, a friend, or family.

The Gardens include a lovely view and two notable houses—the house of the lawyer Martí Trias i Domènech and another purchased by Gaudi’s family – now known as the Gaudi House Museum

The foreign flora of Austria Gardens stands in stark contrast to the rest of the park.

It has northern conifers and evergreens looking distinctly non-tropical in all those sun-washed palms.

The free area of the park still has a lot of charm, superb landscaping, and beautiful nature to enjoy.

It’s also less congested, making it the ideal place to unwind after a day of touring.

To experience and visit other places in the park, you can buy Park Guell tickets online in advance and benefit from skip-the-line access.

Although the Austria Gardens were built years after Gaudi’s death, the maestro of eccentric landscaping would have loved the oddity of its apparent normalcy!

Featured Image: Parkguell.barcelona

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